How to rank your website in simple steps… Completely explained tutorial

There are many tutorials regarding search engine optimization but this tutorial I will teach you step-by-step: how you can make your website #1 of the search engines without any problems. For doing this, you need some good tools that can help you in doing SEO easily. By using these tools, you will save time and energy that is the most important thing in going forward.

So, what are the tools required?

A good SEO research or keyword tool

You need to have a good SEO tool in order to find out the required keywords, the competition for those keywords and various other things. There are several such tools in the market but only a few fit for the following purpose. I would recommend Traffic Travis or market Samurai.

There are many other tools also available like Longtail Pro, SEO Scout et cetera, but traffic Travis would be better since by using traffic Travis discount, it can be reduced to as less as $ 40.

A good Backlink creation tool


There are many backlinks creator in the market, but I would recommend GSA search engine ranker because it has a variety of creating a lot of Backlinks within a small span of time. It also has the largest number of diversified backlinks that you can find in the market.

A tool to check backlinks


For this, I would recommend the service called ahrefs that comes with the monthly fees of $ 79. It is a little bit costly but let me tell you it’s worth it. Ahrefs, as per my information, has the biggest Backlink index in the whole universe.

Tool to take note of it all

Microsoft Excel would be great for this. You can just create an Excel file and store all the data in it.


Once you have acquired these tools, you can start doing the actual process. Our process revolves around two things – first would be creating a blog post or a website, which you want to rank and second is the process to rank it.

Let’s talk about creating a website and writing a good blog post.

Creating your first website with WordPress

Buy a good-looking domain, you can search in Auctions for old indexed domains too, and that would help immensely in the later part of ranking.

Once you have bought the domain, buy a good quality hosting like Bluehost or HostGator. Point your name servers to the name servers provided by hosting. Go to the cPanel login and enter the username and password provided by your host to get inside your panel. Check whether auto script installers likes softaculous are there or not. Mostly softaculous is installed in almost all cPanel installations to reduce your time. Use softaculous to install WordPress.

That’s it; you have now a complete WordPress website with your own domain.

Remove the initial post created by WordPress and add plug-ins and themes that you desire. Create a good quality 600 word plus article and post that with images and videos to your WordPress installation. Make sure you have correctly used all the on-site requirements like correct Keyword Density, Keyword in Title et cetera.

Now comes the most essential part of creating backlinks that would be highly critical for ranking your website. You can also wait for few days to check whether your website has already ranked in the top hundred because that would be a sign for higher keyword density on the on-site article.

Creating good quality contextual backlinks

Creating backlinks is quite easy; you just have to create some Web 2.0 websites and point them in a contextual way to your article link. Make sure your anchor text density is less than 5%.

You can also buy packages from Internet marketing forums like wickedfire or blackhatworld and small work websites like fiverr or seoclerk. This would reduce your Backlink creation time and headache to do them.


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